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Intellectual Property

When the lifeblood of our clients’ businesses is in their intellectual property, we help identify and protect those assets. 


Where brand names and logos are concerned, we assist businesses in selecting, clearing, registering, maintaining, policing, and enforcing rights in trademarks, service marks, and trade dress. We regularly represent clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in proceedings involving trademark applications and registrations. 

On the transactional side, we negotiate trademark licenses and assignments across an array of industries and businesses. When disputes escalate, we litigate trademark infringement cases in federal and state courts.


For creative works – whether fiction or nonfiction, fine art, music, screenplays, multimedia presentations, software, database configurations, or other original works of authorship – we counsel clients in protecting these works under copyright law and help register works with the Copyright Office. 

We also negotiate and draft work-made-for-hire agreements with independent contractors to ensure that copyright ownership vests with the appropriate party. We also engage in assessments of fair use under copyright law to help our clients assess risk in using third-party content. Should litigation become necessary, we handle copyright infringement cases in federal courts. In addition, we have  experience defending “copyright troll” litigation and are familiar with the strategies and techniques used to prey upon unwary defendants.

Trade Secrets

Nearly all businesses maintain certain valuable information as trade secrets. Through best practices, we guide companies to recognize and secure this vital information. We routinely draft and negotiate non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements enabling businesses to share information without compromising trade secrets. Should misappropriation of trade secrets occur, we take swift legal action in courts to mitigate harm.

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