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Baron Harris Healey originated from our desire to create a law firm that reflects a unique philosophy of lawyering. We deliver high quality service and value, providing practical solutions that allow our clients to focus their time and resources on what they do best. We create long-term relationships with our clients and deliver creative, efficient problem solving.

Our client base includes newspapers, journalists, television and radio broadcasters, magazines, book publishers, musicians, filmmakers, public officials, advertising agencies, hospitality establishments, digital commerce leaders, and others on whom we all rely for important contributions to our culture and economy.

Chicago attorneys Steven Baron, Natalie Harris, and Brendan Healey have worked together as a team for more than 15 years. Each brings personal and professional experience to benefit clients, including serving as judicial law clerks, in-house counsel, litigators, counselors, and international legal interns.

Outside the office, we wear many hats – magician, real estate entrepreneur, Japan enthusiast, musician, paddle tennis player, and film devotee. Standing in each other’s doorways, we trade laughs, gut checks, and advice. We do the same with our clients, who are an extension of our team.

We contribute to our community by serving on charitable boards, coaching sports, volunteering our legal services, and supporting local cultural organizations.

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