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Transactional & Business Counseling

Starting and growing a business takes a vision and an intense attention to detail. BHH understands the dual set of challenges businesses face as they put contracts and policies in place to protect their assets and move quickly to advance an idea or close a deal.

Business Formation

BHH knows the importance of building a business on a strong foundation. In the early days of a new company, we assist with entity formation filings, governing documents, business licensing, and name registration.

We also help entrepreneurs define their relationships with the people who will help their business grow.  This includes employment agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, affiliate loan agreements and policy development for employees, as well as policy and agreement documents for Boards of Directors and other advisors.

Although businesses of all sizes benefit from our tailored business formation service, BHH is especially passionate about partnering with emerging businesses to help them realize their full potential.

Commercial and Business Transactions

BHH lawyers are well versed in developing commercial and business transactions of all stripes. We regularly develop commercial sales and purchase agreements for goods and services, consulting and manufacturing service agreements, distribution agreements, and commercial leases.

Technology-focused counsel is a necessity in today’s evolving business landscape, and our Internet & E-Commerce practice gives companies a distinct advantage when dealing with domain names and web-related agreements, as well as privacy and data security . We also handle Intellectual Property issues including trademark, copyright, and trade secrets, as well as license transactions, service agreements, research and development agreements, co-marketing agreements, and social media marketing and influencer agreements.


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