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#MeToo Defamation Defendants Need Our Help

June 2021

On June 3, 2021, BHH’s Natalie Harris published “#TimesUp On #MeToo Defamation Suits-Defendants Need Our Help!” in the Medial Law Resource Center Media Law Letter. The article describes how many workplace sexual harassment and assault survivors who publish accounts of their trauma are re-traumatized when their abusers file defamation lawsuits. The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and the Legal Network for Gender Equity provide a ray of hope for these survivors who find themselves in the legal dark. BHH has defended survivors against lawsuits arising from public statements related to employment-related harassment and assault with funding from the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and urges other defamation defense lawyers around the country to lend their services to these defendants in need.

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News & Insights